Back Of A Woman Hesitating At A Fish Shop

Customer shopping at a fish shop in the market
Shot at Kanoman market in Cirebon, Indonesia Tetsu Ozawa

A woman in a hijab hesitated in front of a fish shop, trying to decide which fish to buy

Cirebon is a port town that prospered through maritime trade, although I couldn't smell the scent of the sea as I walked through the market. Even today, the main industry is fishing, and many marine products are sold in the old-fashioned market called Kanoman Market. The store in this photo is a fish shop that used to operate in the Kanoman market.

There were many trays lined up in front of the store, each with a different seafood item on it. As a courtesy to those who came to the market with no intention of buying anything, I decided to show interest in what was being sold even if I didn't want to buy it, so I stared at the fish shop. Most of the time, I don't know what kind of fish it is, and if I could tell what kind of fish it is just by looking at it, I'd jump for joy. That's why I couldn't tell what kind of fish was on display here.

After a while, a woman wearing a hijab walked in between me and the fish in the store. Unlike me, she was a genuine shopper, not only looking at the fish, but also making a purchase. It didn't help that her view was a bit blocked. I watched her with great interest, wondering what she was going to buy over her large back, but she didn't decide on a fish to buy. The clerk at the fish shop was also indifferent to this female customer, and I felt as if I had been caught in an uncomfortable space several times.


Where is Kanoman market in Cirebon?




Shooting Date

Jan 2020

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February 8, 2021


Cirebon, Indonesia


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