Umbrella In The PassagewayHeedless WomanMen Coming Out Of The Clock TowerStudents On The Luggage CarrierRed TableYoung Man Jumping

BOXMAN fotologue

by Tetsu Ozawa Photography

Kiosk By RoadsideBoy In Front Of Oak Pho Su StationGirl, Boy, And NotebooksSome Kids In Front Of The WicketMen Repairing The GateLittle Girl In A Small CafeGreen CradleWoman Leaning Against The Door FrameOlder Woman And Man In The LaneGirl Looking After General StoreGirl Cutting FoodstuffBoy Washing A ContainerIndian Burmese WomanTwo HammermenBoy Leaning Out Of The WindowGirl And Boy In The LaneWoman And Boy On Wooden BridgeYoung Man Carrying A Lunch BoxCouple On The PlatformBoy Running Off Into His HousePig In An Animal ShedLittle Boy Having A Thin RodTwo Boys In A Small VillageMan In A Small VillageFamily On The Railway TrackSchool GateCoils And ManBuddhist Monk In CorridorDog Sleeping On The Edge Of The CorridorPurple UmbrellaRibbons And SmileMan Unloading BagsZongzi On TrayBashful Woman And Sleeping MatsWoman Selling Small Dried ShrimpsParent And Child Eating A FruitMan Carrying A Big BasketWoman Putting Green Beans Into A Plastic BagMother Smiling And Boy Picking NoseYoung Woman Narrowing Her EyesSmiling WomenChickens Seller Giving A Bitter LaughWoman Breaking Up LaughingWoman Blazing AwayMan Gazing While SmokingMan Setting Out Betel LeavesCabbages, Ginger And BoyRed-and-white USB CordsVegetable Seller And Buddhist MonkFloriated WomanStorefront Of A Rice ShopWoman Selling ChestnutsShipping Bag On The HeadGirl Wearing A Colorful DressMan Handing Over To WomanWoman Wearing A Purple DressMan Reading A Newspaper In A Food StallBookshelf In The StorefrontBook RepairmanSmiling Barber