Man On The Rear DeckParent And Child In Food StallMan Leaning Back On PedicabPedicab Driver On VehiclePassengers On Wooden BoatBoat Crossing The River

BOXMAN fotologue

by Tetsu Ozawa Photography

Man And Ye Le PagodaForceful Thumbs-upSmall Wharf In KyauktanMouth Stained RedBoy And Round Lunch BoxWoman Having A Betel LeafTwo Women Walking Together In DrizzleHat, Longyi And PedicabOlder Woman In Wet PassageMan And A Bowl Filled With Red PepperGarlic, Onions And A Pair Of BalancesUmbrella In The MarketBoy Surrounded By ContainersWoman Sewing In The MarketMan Standing In His ShopMan And Fishing NetMan Taking The HelmBoys In The Ferry LandingMan Standing On The Edge Of The WaterBoy On The Boat To Ye Le PagodaBoat Connecting To Ye Le PagodaBoat Carrying WorshipersBoy Selling CoconutsBoy Collecting Wood SticksWoman Putting An Umbrella Up Under TreeCouple Sleeping TogetherMan Sleeping On CarBenches Under The RoofColorful Umbrella On RailroadLittle Boy In Da Nyin Gone StationEggplants, Cabbages, And Railway TrackPeople In Da Nyin Gone StationWoman Doing Business On Railway TrackNip-slip On The PlatformVendor Coming Out Of The Train CarWoman Taking A Bite Of CucumberWoman Beside Railway TrackBananas, Mother And SonWoman ShreddingBoy Looking Back In Eating PlaceMan Looking Steadily At TVMen In An Eating PlaceGirl With Startled ExpressionChinese Jump Rope And BoyBrothers In DimnessBoy Having A WristwatchGirl Drinking Cold BeveragePeople In A Small StoreTwo Smile And One ConfusionBoy Sticking Out His TongueBoy Blowing Up A BalloonEggplants In Da Nyin Gone MarketWide Passage In Da Nyin Gone MarketEntrance Of The MarketLaundries On Small BridgeKids Playing In The MarketRed T-shirt In MarketLittle Girl On HammockVendor And Basket On RailroadVendor Having Lunch