Little Girl In A DelicatessenMen Repairing Electronic GoodsMother And Daughter By The WaysidePotatoes On TraysMen Around Checkered BoardBespectacled Barber

BOXMAN fotologue

by Tetsu Ozawa Photography

Yellow T-shirt In The LaneBoy In Fear And TremblingGirl Drinking Cold Beverage At The EntranceGirl Wearing A Horizontal-striped T-shirtSmile Beside A General StoreWoman By The Upstairs WindowTroubled Smile Of BoyYoung Man Getting ShyLittle Naked BoyMother And Son In Middle Of The LaneGirl Standing At The EntranceMessy LaneBoys Standing On Small BridgeLaundries And WomanBoy Scratching His HeadPeople Waiting For Train In Phaya Lan Train StationUmbrella On The PlatformYoung Man Thumbing Up In Eating PlaceYoung Woman Watching A VideoMan Selling PostcardsMan Peddling Various BroomsCraftsman With A Solemn FaceBoy Wearing NightclothesSmile And Sewing MachineMan Measuring With A RulerMan Boiling CornsBookseller On The SidewalkFruits And Older WomanBoy Relaxing On The Luggage CarrierBoy Selling FishesBuddhist Monks In The Street MarketNewspapers And Peace SignMan Selling Rambutan And Sugar AppleWoman Carrying A BurdenPeople Peeling The Garlic CloveGirl Bending BackwardMan With Poochy BellyBoy In Front Of StationerUmbrella In The PassagewayHeedless WomanMen Coming Out Of The Clock TowerStudents On The Luggage CarrierRed TableYoung Man JumpingKiosk By RoadsideBoy In Front Of Oak Pho Su StationGirl, Boy, And NotebooksSome Kids In Front Of The WicketMen Repairing The GateLittle Girl In A Small CafeGreen CradleWoman Leaning Against The Door FrameOlder Woman And Man In The LaneGirl Looking After General StoreGirl Cutting FoodstuffBoy Washing A ContainerIndian Burmese WomanTwo HammermenBoy Leaning Out Of The WindowGirl And Boy In The Lane