About Me & BOXMAN fotologue

Welcome to my photography site.

This website is a travelogue-like photoblog 'BOXMAN fotologue'. All photographs are taken by Tetsu Ozawa, a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. I love Street Photography and usually focus on people and their everyday lives in diverse nations where I travel to. Although I prefer taking photos of the smile, all of my photos don't catch smiles. Sometimes city, nature, buildings and sometimes the embarrassment of people. I am happy if you enjoy my works and feel the ambiance where the photos are taken. Maybe the atmosphere is like, perhaps it is dissimilar from where you are. The collision between cultures may be in the photos. Yet I have no doubt that the cultures vary and the essence of human beings is identical everywhere in the world.

If you want to see my portfolio, you can see at Tetsu Ozawa Photography.

Please feel free to contact me directly via Email.