Fortune-telling In Front Of Altar

Woman doing Poe divination in Lungshan Temple
Shot at Lungshan Temple, a Chinese folk religious temple in Taipei, Taiwan tetsuOzawa

The woman was doing fortune-telling in front of the altar

The older woman in this photo was taking up her place in front of one of the altars in Lungshan Temple. Watching her, she threw two small wooden pieces any number of times. She was not just praying there. She was doing fortune-telling called the Poe divination. Although there are many fortune-tellings in Japan, this kind of fortune-telling is not seen. It seemed to be a folk belief in Chinese culture.

Those who want to do throw down the two pieces in the shape of the crescent moon on the ground. And they can check their fortune by the staus of the pieces on the ground. It is said that people can know whether what they want to do is right or wrong. Apparently, people can ask only the closed question by this fortune-telling.

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Shooting Date

Jul 2019

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November 5, 2019


Taipei, Taiwan


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