People Praying In Lungshan Temple

People praying in Lungshan Temple
Shot at Lungshan Temple, a Chinese folk religious temple in Taipei, Taiwan tetsuOzawa

Many worshippers were also praying in the back of the main hall

There are many altars around the main hall of Lungshan Temple. Each altar houses each deity. And the worshippers pray in random places. The principal image stationed in the main hall is Guanyin, a Buddhist bodhisattva. However, there are also deities that came from other than Buddhism.

Some altars are built in the back of the main hall. And worshippers prayed in front of them. The profits they wanted could be there. Some people prayed while having incense sticks in their hands and some people prayed while just joining their hands.

According to the layout, Mazu, a Chinese sea goddess, is enshrined in the altar. It is believed that she is of benefit to everything. So I wonder it is unnecessary to enshrine Guanyin as long as Mazu is enshrined here. It might be none of your business. Anyway, she is not one of the Buddhist deities. So it is uncommon to be enshrined in the Buddhist temple in Japan.

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Jul 2019

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November 7, 2019


Taipei, Taiwan


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