Hand Seal In Front Of Altar

Man forming hand seal for praying
Shot at Lungshan Temple, a Chinese folk religious temple in Taipei, Taiwan Tetsu Ozawa

The man was forming a hand seal for praying

Many deities are stationed in Lungshan Temple. And it is believed various profits come true when people pray here. It looks like a department for the fortune. The precinct was crowded with people when I came here. Because this temple is one of the major tourist destinations in Taipei, both the tourists and the local people were seen. Yet I thought there were more locals than tourists.

Seemingly, the man in this photo was also a local. He was dressed in casual wear and stood at the front of one of the altars. Like many other people, he was praying seriously there. Looking closer, he made a hand seal while praying. The hand seal was complicated. And it could have a kind of meaning. However, I couldn't understand what it meant.


Where is Lungshan Temple in Taipei?

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Shooting Date

Jul 2019

Posted On

November 5, 2019


Taipei, Taiwan


Street Photography



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