Chinese Cabbages, Chili Peppers, Cauliflowers, And Woman

Greengrocery in Khlong Toei Market
Shot at Khlong Toei Market in Bangkok, Thailand tetsuOzawa

The woman working in a greengrocery in Khlong Toei Market took out Chinese cabbages from the basket

In the course of walking around Khlong Toei Market, I came to a greengrocery. It was relatively large. Many vegetables were set out in the shop and many boxes were piled up in the back. Because of the scale, many clerks were working busily in this shop.

Stopping in front of the shop, I could see Chinese cabbages, chili peppers, cauliflowers, and others. A female clerk wearing an apron stood beside the heap of Chinese cabbages and was just choosing some of them from the heap.

A big basket was placed at her feet. It was similar to the basket which the transporters carried in this market. And she was putting Chinese cabbages into the basket one after another. She seemed to take a large order. After choosing, the basket was carried to the shopper by the transporter.


Where is Khlong Toei Market?




Shooting Date

Sep 2019

Posted On

February 28, 2020


Khlong Toei Market, Thailand


Street Photography



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