Colorful Parasols Opened In The Passage

Shoppers wriggling under colorful parasols in Khlong Toei Market
Shot at Khlong Toei Market in Bangkok, Thailand tetsuOzawa

Many shoppers wriggled under colorful parasols in Khlong Toei Market

I walked around the passages which were covered by colorful parasols in Khlong Toei Market. Although there were places covered by the roof, there were also places that were not covered. And many parasols were open in such places. They were open for the foodstuffs not to get bruised rather than for the customers not to get wet in the rain.

At any rate, the shoppers had to walk under the colorful parasols here. When I stopped in the passage, some green parasols, some red parasols, and some blue parasols were open in front of me. They were primitive colors. And they reminded me of a CRT-based television. I remembered I was surprised at knowing the surface of CRT-based television was occupied by these primitive colors. So I thought this passage expressed something when seen from a distance.

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Shooting Date

Sep 2019

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February 21, 2020


Khlong Toei Market, Thailand


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