Chicken Attracting Flies

Chicken attracting flies
Shot at Kanoman market in Cirebon, Indonesia Tetsu Ozawa

Flies were attracted to the chicken haphazardly placed on the counter of the market

I entered a narrow alley from the street where Becaks was parked, and found myself in a market. I was back at the Kanoman market, where I had once gone outside. Even though it was the same market, this place was deserted while the place I had visited earlier was bustling with people. Butchers and fishmongers lined up quietly in the dim light.

When I came in front of a butcher shop that dealt in poultry, there was no one in the store, instead, chickens were haphazardly displayed on the counter. There were several chickens on the counter, but they were all whole chickens that hadn't been cut yet and looked like they had just been strained and plucked. The chickens on the table were all whole and looked like they had just been strained and plucked for their hair. Since they hadn't been processed, they looked more like chickens than chicken meat.

When I took a closer look, I saw that there were small black things flying around on the chickens. They seemed to be circling around and around, and then they would stop on the chickens. They were flies. The flies were attracted to the chickens because they were placed on a bare counter with no refrigeration. When you go to a market in Southeast Asia or South Asia, it is not uncommon to see meat like this on the shelves with flies attracted to it. In the worst cases, there are so many flies that a person standing next to the meat is constantly chasing them away. Here in Cirebon, there was no one to chase away the flies, and the chicken was just left there.

I've often seen meat sold in such a situation when traveling, so I didn't lose my appetite. I'm used to it. But I just decided to stop eating chicken tonight.


Where is Kanoman market in Cirebon?




Shooting Date

Jan 2020

Posted On

February 15, 2021


Cirebon, Indonesia


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