Woman Cutting Bamboo Sprouts In The Market

woman cutting bamboo sprouts in Maeklong Railway Market
Shot at Maeklong Railway Market in Mae Klong, Thailand Tetsu Ozawa

The woman was cutting bamboo sprouts beside the railroad tracks in Maeklong Railway Market

For the first time in these two years, I came to Maeklong Railway Market. This market is unique. It is open just on the railroad tracks. Of course, the railroad tracks are still used. So you may wonder how the trains run there. The simple answer is that the shops are closed and packed up when the trains come. The trains don't run frequently here.

The woman in this photo was working at one of the shops in the market. Because it was not a time the train came, she was cutting bamboo sprouts in the storefront. Some heaps of chili pepper were seen on the tray beside the bamboo sprouts. It was hard to imagine that she and her belongings in this photo were packed up when the train came.

I thought the atmosphere of this market was changed since I came before. It became much more touristic in two years. Many tourists, mostly they came from China, came here and some shops started to sell souvenirs on the railroad tracks. The market itself seemed to be in the process of change to an attraction.


Where is Maeklong Railway Market in Mae Klong?




Shooting Date

Sep 2019

Posted On

March 12, 2020


Mae Klong Railway Market, Thailand


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