The Woman Picked A Mango Up On The Rail Track

Mangoes displayed beside the railroad tracks
Shot at Maeklong Railway Market in Mae Klong, Thailand Tetsu Ozawa

Many mangoes were displayed just beside the railroad tracks and the customers walked back and forth on the rail track in Maeklong Railway Market

Mae Klong Railway Market was pastoral without the train. The shopkeepers sold in the same way to other local markets. And the shoppers browsed in a leisurely way. No one seemed not to care about the railroad tracks which were lied in the middle of the passage of the market as if there were nothing.

Walking around the market, I found a fruit shop. Like other shops, the articles for sale were displayed just beside the railroad tracks. And many mangoes were sold there. It is said that many types of mongo are planted in Thailand. Over 60 types exist.

In the meantime, a woman stopped in front of the shop. And she started to pick a mango up. However, the shopkeeper was not interested in the shopper. She didn't cast an eye on her and kept doing what she was doing.


Where is Mae Klong Railway Market?




Shooting Date

Sep 2019

Posted On

March 17, 2020


Mae Klong Railway Market, Thailand


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