Roadside Fruit Store

Fruit store on sidewalk
Shot near Shuanglian Metro Station in Taipei, Taiwan Tetsu Ozawa

The fruit store was doing on the sidewalk

I was walking near the Shuanglian Station of Taipei Metro. A part of the building on the street is concave and has been turned into a sidewalk. The sidewalk is a part of the building.

This kind of sidewalk is common in Southeast Asian countries as well as in Taiwan. In hot countries, it may be desirable to build sidewalks in this way to protect from the sun. The sidewalks are completely shaded, so I don't have to be exposed to the blazing sun when I walk. It's very comfortable. It seems that a good place for walkers is also a good place to do business, and there are people doing business here and there on the shaded sidewalk.

Here, too, there was a large table out at the end of the sidewalk that was used as a stall. Various fruits were laid out on the table. Bananas, mangoes and dragonfruit could be seen. This was a street fruit shop. A female shopkeeper sat beside the table as if it were an added bonus. A shopper had just stopped in front of the store and the owner was in the middle of talking to the shopper.


Where is Shuanglian Metro Station in Taipei?




Shooting Date

Jul 2019

Posted On

November 28, 2019


Taipei, Taiwan


Street Photography



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