Beyond the vegetables on the table, I could see people happily passing the box around

Persons delivering a box of vegetables

Shot in Musashi-Koyama, Tokyo

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There was an old-fashioned supermarket near my house. It was not run by a large company, but rather a supermarket consisting of a grocery store, a fruit shop, a fish store, a delicatessen, and a flower store, all under the same roof. When I was a child, there were some of these mishmash supermarkets (I think they called themselves department stores in some places!) However, most of them have been destroyed by the large capital. I can think of a few that are still in business, but they are not very active. The stores themselves are aging.

In such a situation, this supermarket in a residential area of Musashi-koyama was a shabby building, but it was full of life. The food was fresh, cheaper than other supermarkets in the area, and many shoppers were there. Looking at the people who came to buy, I saw that many of them bought boxes of cucumbers and tomatoes, so it seemed that many of them owned restaurants.

Although I had heard rumors that the bustling supermarket was coming to an end, there was no announcement of its closing, so I assumed that it would continue to operate. But the next thing I knew, the date of closing was announced, and when that day came, the store was really closed. Now, the former supermarket is empty and deserted. It seems like a lie that there used to be so many vegetables and smiling faces here.

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Shooting Date

Jan 2021

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August 4, 2021

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November 11, 2021


Musashi-koyama, Tokyo


Street Photography



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