The Hakone Tozan cable car is shaped like a staircase to match the slope of the mountain

Hakone Tozan Cable Car
Shot in Hakone, Kanagawa
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As I was standing on the slanted platform at Gora, a similarly slanted train came in. As I entered the train, I noticed that the interior of the train was also slanted, just like the slope of the mountain. The driver's seat at the front of the train looked like it was built on top of a hill. This is the Hakone Tozan Cable Car. This cable car is the second oldest cable car in Japan, and was built to serve the needs of inns and villas in the Gora area of Hakone, as well as to be used as a means of getting around Hakone.

I have ridden on the cable car at Mt. Takao in Hachioji, but it was only recently that I learned that the main difference between a cable car and a regular train is not whether it runs on a steep slope or not. The difference between a cable car and a regular train is in the power. While trains are powered by electric power from overhead wires to run the motors in the car body, cable cars do not have any power in the car body. Cable cars are powered by a cable connected to the car. The power of the cable car is the cable connected to the car, which is wound up and out by a winch to move the car.

As I was told, I did not hear any motor noise when I rode on the Hakone Tozan cable car, and it was moving very quietly.

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Shooting Date

Dec 2020

Posted On

July 1, 2021

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December 10, 2021


Hakone, Kanagawa


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