Silhouettes In Hiratsuka Station

Silhouettes in Hiratsuka Station
Shot in Hiratsuka Station, Kanagawa ©Tetsu Ozawa
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From the train window, I could see the feet of the people walking on the platform

I was riding down on the Tokaido Line. It was the first time for me to ride in a double-decker green car on the Tokaido Line. Rather than taking a seat on the second floor, which seemed to offer a better view, I took a seat on the first floor, thinking that the first floor would be empty, and headed west in a slightly luxurious mood. The view from the car window, which was lower than usual, made the familiar scenery look different. It made me feel as if I were crawling on the ground for a bit.

The best time to feel like you are crawling on the ground is when you arrive at the station, because the windows of the first floor of a double-decker train are naturally low. The windows of the first floor of a double-decker carriage are naturally low, so when the train enters the station, the view from the windows is as high as the platform floor. As a young child, I would never lie down on the platform. But if you sit on the first floor, you get the same view as if you were lying down on the platform.

The same thing happened when the train I was on entered Hiratsuka Station. A lot of people's legs crossed on the other side of the car window. My gaze was low, so all I could see were the legs. It was a view that made me feel a bit immoral.


Where is Hiratsuka Station?




Shooting Date

Dec 2020

Posted On

June 30, 2021


Hiratsuka Station, Kanagawa


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