Accessories, Lunch Box And Smartphone

Shop clerk watching smartphone
Shot at Sampeng Market in Bangkok, Thailand tetsuOzawa

The shop clerk was absorbed in watching her smartphone

Not only stores but also street vendors did business in Sampeng Market. This market is popular with both local people and tourists. The narrow street was very crowded.

During walking the busy street, I came to a street vendor selling gold accessories. Everything sold in this shop was gold. Maybe it was because this place was located near Chinatown. Gold was considered a worthful thing in many cultures. Yet I think it is over the top in Chinese culture. Many gold shops were seen in every Chinatown. Chinese people seemed not to place trust in money.

This street vendor might also open this shop for Chinese people. However, there were no customers at the time of being. The shop clerks seemed to have nothing to do. One of them did nails and the other was absorbed in watching the smartphone. And a metal lunch box was put on the ground.

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Shooting Date

Sep 2019

Posted On

January 8, 2020


Bangkok, Thailand


Street Photography