Young Couple Sitting On The Platform Together

Young couple sitting on the platform together
Shot in the city of Bangkok, Thailand tetsuOzawa

The young couple was seen sitting on the platform of a station

After a short while, the train which I embarked on at Mahachai station started to leave the station without any announcements. There was no air conditioner. And all the windows on the train were open. While I was feeling the wind on my face, the train was heading for the city of Bangkok.

I was enjoying the scenery from a car window with absent air. At first, the train moved in the rural area. However, the dwellings appeared beside the railway tracks in the course of running. And I realized that the train was approaching the capital of Thailand.

It was getting darker. When the train stopped at a station, I leaned out of the car window and watched the platform. Then, I could see two figures sitting together on the platform. Apparently, they were a schoolboy and a schoolgirl. They seemed to go on a date on the deserted platform.


Where is Bangkok?




Shooting Date

Sep 2019

Posted On

April 1, 2020


Bangkok, Thailand


Street Photography



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