Street Vendor Cooking Roti Got Shy

Street vendor getting shy
Shot at Chinatown in Bangkok, Thailand Tetsu Ozawa

The street vendor cooked Thai crape called Roti at the food stall in Chinatown

Walking through the street which looked like a market, I came to another street. It was modest and was not crowded. It was nice to walk at leisure. Yet there were also some food stalls on such a street.

The man in this photo worked in one of the stalls. He placed a wagon with a griddle by the roadside and cook Thai crepe while he listened to the music.

I was attracted by his easygoing atmosphere. And I approached him. The man wearing earphones noticed me and cast an eye on me. And he found my camera. Then, he changed his expression. He seemed to get shy. Although the street was not deserted and his job was to sell snacks to passing-by persons, it might be uncommon to be focused on a camera by a stranger.


Where is Chinatown in Bangkok?




Shooting Date

Sep 2019

Posted On

January 26, 2020


Bangkok, Thailand


Street Photography



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