Silhouettes In Elevator Lobby

Two silhouttes in elevator lobby
Shot at Tokyo Nihonbashi Tower in Nihonbashi, Tokyo Tetsu Ozawa

Two silhouettes waited for the elevator in an elevator lobby

Some new buildings were built in the Nihonbashi area. And some buildings are being constructed here. This area is being redeveloped. It is one of the busiest areas at one time in Tokyo. The fish market was held in this area before it was moved to Tsukuji. This area is being born again as a modern city.

The Tokyo Nihonbashi Tower is one of the recently constructed buildings in this area. It was the first time to enter this building for me. However, I didn't have a thing to do in this building. I just walked around the communal area. Meanwhile, I came to an elevator lobby. Because there was only the concealed lighting, the lobby was dim. The floor numbers gleamed out uncannily. And two silhouetted persons waited for the elevator.


Where is Tokyo Nihonbashi Tower?




Shooting Date

May 2019

Posted On

October 10, 2019


Nihonbashi, Tokyo


Street Photography



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