Peddler Pushing A Bright Stall

Jakarta peddler pushing a bright stall
Shot in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia Tetsu Ozawa

The peddler pushing brightly colored stalls stopped in front of a red wall

When I walked down a residential street in Jakarta, I often saw people who just sat there and didn't know what they were doing, but this man was easy to figure out what he was doing. The man pushing a large-wheeled wagon was, for all intents and purposes, a peddler.

The wagon the man was pushing was painted light blue, white, and red, which was pretty. The color combination looks like a Russian flag. No, maybe it's the Dutch flag. Or it could be the flag of Luxembourg. When I think about it, the flags of Russia, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg are very similar.

When I think of the tricolor flag, the first thing that comes to mind is the French tricolor, but the oldest tricolor flag in the world is the Dutch flag. The tricolor is said to have originated from the orange, white and blue tricolor used by Duke Willem I of Oranje in his uprising against King Felipe II of Spain, who ruled the Netherlands. Some say that the flags of Russia and Luxembourg were also influenced by this tricolor combination.

It's hard to imagine that the peddlers who work in the residential areas of Jakarta are inspired by the flag of the Netherlands, a former suzerain state. If I happened to think of a good color scheme, it might have ended up with a color scheme similar to the Dutch flag. However, if the color scheme was exactly the same as the Dutch flag, it would be unpleasant, so he may have changed the blue color to light blue, just like the Luxembourg flag.


What is the flag of the Netherlands?

The flag of the Netherlands is a horizontal tricolour of red, white, and blue. The current design originates as a variant of the late 16th century orange-white-blue Prinsenvlag ("Prince's Flag"), evolving in the early 17th century as the red-white-blue Statenvlag ("States Flag"), the naval flag of the States-General of the Dutch Republic, making the Dutch flag perhaps the oldest tricolour flag in continuous use. It has inspired the Russian and French flags.

Where is Jakarta?




Shooting Date

Jan 2020

Posted On

August 24, 2020


Jakarta, Indonesia


Street Photography





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