Woman Praying In Wat Traimit

Woman praying in Wat Trimit
Shot at Wat Traimit, a Buddhist temple in Bangkok, Thailand Tetsu Ozawa

The worshippers came to this Wat Traimit temple continuously

After finishing my coffee at the cafe, I started walking down the street again. Soon I reached the edge of Bangkok Chinatown. There was a large roundabout, with a large gate towering in the center of it. This was the exit to Chinatown. Satisfied with the end, I knew that there was a famous Buddhist temple near here, so I decided to head there anyway.

The name of the temple is Wat Traimit. According to the guidebook, the temple is famous for its golden Buddha statue. However, all the Buddha statues I saw in Bangkok were of gold. The famous Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho was also golden. Rather than golden ones, I feel that carved wooden Buddha statues like in Japan are rarer.

At any rate, Wat Traimit is incessantly visited by worshippers. The Buddha image was found in the stucco of an abandoned temple, and it was thought to be very pious. When I stepped into the main hall on the hill, there were female visitors praying with their hands in front of them.


Where is Wat Traimit in Bangkok?




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Sep 2019

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January 28, 2020


Bangkok, Thailand


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