Inside Of Lhong Tou Cafe

Inside of Lhong Tou Cafe
Shot at Lhong Tou Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand ©Tetsu Ozawa
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The famous cafe called Lhong Tou Cafe in Chinatown was crowded

I found myself walking pretty much to the edge of Chinatown as well. I continued further down the wide Yaowarat Street. The further I went towards the edge, the fewer restaurants and shops I saw as I progressed, the more desolate the atmosphere around me became. And the café was located in a place where I thought Bangkok's Chinatown was already over.

In contrast to the surrounding atmosphere, the café on the edge of Chinatown was very busy. It seemed to be a popular cafe. It was also listed in the guidebook in hand. Just because the seats seemed to be empty, I decided to take a little break in. I was a little tired from walking around.

I thought the café was just a little bit posh, but the seating arrangement was different. There were tables by the wall, but they were arranged like a three-dimensional puzzle. It might be a desperate measure since the cafe was small, but it created a strange atmosphere. As I was looking at it, I thought it would be difficult to get to the seats at the top, and sure enough, I was shown the seats at the top, so it was a bit of a challenge to get to my seat.

From the seat above, I looked around at the lower part of the cafe. I saw a group of women at a round table eating dim sum. And there was a tall tree next to it, with flowers in full bloom on its branches.


Where is Lhong Tou Cafe in Bangkok?




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Sep 2019

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January 28, 2020

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October 21, 2020


Bangkok, Thailand


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