Photo Book On The Wall

Photo book put up on wall
Shot at a cafe in Hatsudai, Tokyo tetsuOzawa

A photo book by Nobuyoshi Araki was put up on the wall

Came to a cafe near Hatsudai Station. It was anything-but-ordinary. The inside was silent and nobody talked. This cafe was just for reading books. It was not allowed to speak here. Every customer in this cafe opened a book and read silently. Like other customers, I sat on a sofa and started to read a book which was housed here. Many books were displayed on the rack and it was available to read them freely.

Reading a book, time flew silently. In the meantime, I stopped turning over pages one by one. Looking up, I found a photo book put up on the wall. A woman struck a pose on the cover. It was an old photo collection taken by Nobuyoshi Araki, one of the famous photographers in Japan. The woman, who clasped the hands behind the head, watched the silent cafe without saying a word.

Trivial Moments by Tetsu Ozawa
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Shooting Date

Apr 2019

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October 3, 2019


Hatsudai, Tokyo


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