Tables On The Other Side Of Window

Man having laptop on desk on the other side of window
Shot at Minato City Local History Museum in Shirokanedai, Tokyo tetsuOzawa

I saw a man having a laptop on the desk on the other side of the window

Being totally unaware of the existence, I went out of the building of the history museum. Walking toward the exit, I watched the windows of the old building. Most of the windows were curtained. Yet the windows on the ground floor were not curtained. And I could peer through the windows to see inside.

Some tables were seen in the room. Seeing the directory, I found there were not only the exhibition rooms but also a cafe in the museum. Looking inside, a man was seated at one of the tables. And a laptop computer was placed in front of him. Of course, a cup was also seen on the table. He put his hand to his chin and seemed to think about something. Although I didn't know what he did there, the cafe had a good atmosphere.

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Shooting Date

Mar 2019

Posted On

September 26, 2019


Shirokanedai, Tokyo


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