The Keikyu train, stopping at every station, quietly entered the station

Keikyu Line driver's seat
Keikyu Line driver's seat
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I took the Keikyu train from Shinagawa to Yokohama. There are many Keikyu trains from Shinagawa to Yokohama. Even if you think they've gone, another train will soon come along. As the trains come one after the other, you have to be careful about the type of train. If there is a limited express train, there is also an express train and even a special rapid train. For someone like me who doesn't use Keikyu trains regularly, it's hard to understand the difference between them. I can imagine that the fastest train is the limited express, but I don't know which is faster, the express or the limited express, and I don't know if it stops at my destination station or not.

In the end, I took the local train and left Shinagawa station. When you take the local train, the distance between stations is not far apart. As soon as I left Shinagawa Station, I arrived at the next station, Kita-Shinagawa. Then I thought to myself. "Kita" means "north" in Japanese. How can it be that the next station after Shinagawa is Kita-Shinagawa, when I am supposed to be moving south from Shinagawa?

This is because the station is located at the northern end of Shinagawa-juku, which used to be the first post station on the Tokaido Highway. It is called Kita-Shinagawa Station not because it is located north of Shinagawa Station, but because it is located at the northern end of Shinagawa-juku. It's complicated.

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Jul 2020

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May 17, 2021

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May 2, 2022


Shinagawa, Tokyo


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