The clerk at the thrift store was sitting on a chair, looking out blankly

Shop clerk watching the traffic with an absent air
Shot at Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, Thailand
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After paying my morning visit to the Erawan shrine, which had become my daily routine, I took the BTS from Siam Station and headed north. Soon, the BTS arrived at Mo Chit station. This is one of the closest stations to Chatuchak Market. That's right. This day, I headed to Chatuchak Market.

The market is huge, selling a wide variety of goods from antiques to pets. It is the largest market in Thailand and probably one of the largest in the world. The market, which covers an area of 1.13 km², is lined with more than 15,000 stalls and has become a tourist attraction in Bangkok. As soon as I got out of the BTS ticket gate, I was swallowed up in the queue leading to the market. The line was moving slowly. I don't like to stand in line, but I was a bit fed up before I even entered the market.

I managed to get into the market before my heart broke, and found that it was not so crowded. The shoppers who came in lines seemed to disperse quickly once inside. Instead, the market was now crowded with stores. The store in this photo was one of the crowded stores. There were a lot of clothes on display, and I could see a shopkeeper sitting in the back. The shopkeeper seemed to have nothing to do, and was absent-mindedly looking outside. It was unfortunate that no one seemed to be shopping in this store, even though so many people had come to the market.

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Shooting Date

Sep 2019

Posted On

January 31, 2020

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June 1, 2021


Bangkok, Thailand


Street Photography



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