Siam Discovery

Siam Discovery
Shot at Siam Discovery in Bangkok, Thailand tetsuOzawa

Some people were riding down an escalator in Siam Discovery

Walking through the Siam Paragon, I came to the edge of the shopping mall. Then, I found another shopping mall next to Siam Paragon. It was the Siam Discovery. So I moved to the mall. There were many shopping malls in the heart of Bangkok.

Many shops were doing business in the mall like Siam Paragon. Most of the shops were came from foreign countries. And some of them were also familiar in Japan. When I walked around the mall, I felt as if I came to a shopping mall in Tokyo. The differences were that the goods were dealt with Thai currency and the clerks couldn't speak Japanese.

Anyway, my worldly desire became stimulated during watching the articles for sale. Using my mobile gear, I checked the price in Japan. Unfortunately, I found out the price was not cheaper than in Japan. I nearly bought in an unguarded moment. The price in Bangkok was almost the same as Tokyo these days.

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Shooting Date

Sep 2019

Posted On

January 31, 2020


Bangkok, Thailand


Street Photography