Little Girl In Spanish Restaurant

Little girl in Spanish restaurant in Chatuchak Market
Shot at Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, Thailand Tetsu Ozawa

The little girl was with her mother in a Spanish restaurant in the Chatuchak Market

Walking around the market, I found a busy restaurant. All the tables and chairs in the restaurant were occupied and many people were waiting in a queue. Its atmosphere was different from other shops around here. And no wonder. It was a Spanish restaurant. It was rare to see Spanish restaurants in Bangkok. Nevertheless, a Spanish restaurant was doing business in Chatuchak Market.

According to my guide book, it was very popular in this market. And it was famous for the paella. There were several big flat pans in the storefront. And the paella was just being cooked. The customers came with the aim of the dish.

The delicious smell wafted around the restaurant. Yet I didn't have a craving for it. Thai dishes were various and delicious enough. I thought I didn't bother to eat the Spanish dish in the capital of Thailand.

Maybe the little girl in this photo felt the same. She behaved very nervously on her mother's knee.


About Chatuchak Weekend Market

The Chatuchak Weekend Market, on Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok, is the largest market in Thailand. Also known as JJ Market, it has more than 15,000 stalls and 11,505 vendors (2019), divided into 27 sections. Chatuchak Market sells many different kinds of goods, including plants, antiques, consumer electronics, cosmetics, pets, food and drinks, fresh and dry food, ceramics, furniture and home accessories, clothing, and books. It is the world's largest and most diverse weekend market, with over 200,000 visitors every weekend.

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Shooting Date

Sep 2019

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February 5, 2020


Bangkok, Thailand


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