Bicycle In Bailan Market

Bicycle running in Bailan Market
Shot at Bailan Market in Taipei, Taiwan tetsuOzawa

A bicycle ran slowly in Bailan Market

The shops stood side by side on the public street. There was no roof and the sun came to the ground. It could be burdensome to come here to buy when it was raining. Fortunately, it was a sunny day when I visited this local market even though it was in the typhoon season. The sun glared down also on the street in the market.

Walking the street, I found a man riding a bicycle. He seemed to come here to buy something. He moved slowly while drifting from place to place.

The man wore a tank top. In my humble opinion, I thought the tank top suit Chinese people most. Although I saw people wearing a tank top in other countries, for example, India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. I didn't know why I thought that. However, it reminded me of Chinese people when I saw it.

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Shooting Date

Jul 2019

Posted On

November 19, 2019


Taipei, Taiwan


Street Photography