The baby was on the baby buggy beside a shop in the Chenggong Market

Baby on baby buggy in Chenggong Market
Shot at Chenggong Market in Taipei, Taiwan
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Maybe it's just my imagination, but it seems like I don't see many children playing around in the center of Taipei. In fact, it may be that the families with children are located far from the center of the city, in a quiet place. Anyway, it is true that the birth rate is low in Taiwan. While Japan's birthrate is much talked about as low as 1.4, Taiwan's is an astonishingly low 1.13. According to a World Bank survey, Taiwan has the fourth lowest birth rate in the world.

It seems as if they have implemented a one-child policy comparable to that of mainland China, even though they are not forced to do so. If things continue as they are, the people of Taiwan are bound to disappear from the face of the earth sooner or later.

When I walked in the Chenggong Market, I felt the presence of children, which was unusual. There was a baby buggy by the side of a shop, and a baby was in it. Unusual. This market was a bit older than most, both those working and those who come to buy. It's almost as if a child is in the room, and a breath of fresh air is wafting around them. When I stared at the baby, the curious baby returned my gaze, firmly holding a large piece of candy in his mouth.

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Shooting Date

Jul 2019

Posted On

December 6, 2019

Modified On

September 28, 2020


Taipei, Taiwan


Street Photography



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