Spiral Stairway In A Multitenant Building

Spiral stairway in Ginza
Shot in the city of Ginza, Tokyo tetsuOzawa

There is a spiral stairway in the multitenant building in Ginza

Walked the streets in Ginza. Many restaurants were side by side here. In the course of walking, I entered a multitenant building. Some restaurants were seen on the directory. However, I had no use for them. The reason why I entered was I found a spiral stairway in this building.

Usually, I don't look for any spiral stairway during walking streets. Yet, I become curious about it when I find. So I came to the stairway also this time.

According to the directory, there is an Italian restaurant on the bottom of this restaurant. Yet it was early to eat dinner. No one climbs the stairway up and down. It was deserted and what I could see was the only spiral made by the stairway.

I don't know why I am attracted by spiral stairways. Maybe they have an interesting structure. I felt as if they rotate around the axis.

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Shooting Date

Dec 2019

Posted On

April 23, 2020


Ginza, Tokyo


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