Spiral Stairway In A Multitenant Building

Spiral stairway in Ginza
Shot in Ginza, Tokyo Tetsu Ozawa

There is a spiral stairway in the multitenant building in Ginza

I was walking through the streets of 銀座. I was in the Ginza corridor street, so there were many restaurants lining both sides of the street. Eventually, I stepped into a small building with a few restaurants. It wasn't that I had any business in this building. I was curious about the inside of the building because of the spiral staircase. The first floor of the building was an open space, and there was a spiral staircase.

When I walked around town, I didn't particularly look for a spiral staircase. But when I find one, I am always curious about it. I wonder why I am attracted to spiral staircases. Is it because the spiral staircase, which is actually solidly built, looks as if it is spinning when I stare at it?

This staircase led to the basement floor, where, according to Directly, there seemed to be an Italian restaurant. But it was not mealtime, so no one was walking up and down the stairs. The place was deserted. Looking down, I could only see the iron stairs quietly spinning in circles.


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Shooting Date

Dec 2019

Posted On

April 23, 2020


Ginza, Tokyo


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