Speech-maker And Mother

Speech-maker and mother
Shot in the city of Shinjuku, Tokyo Tetsu Ozawa

A speech-maker delivered his lines in front of Shinjuku Station

The sidewalk in front of the west gate of Shinjuku Station was crowded as usual. And it is a nice place to speak directly to ordinary people. I often see people speaking about something here. Sometimes they speak about religion at other times they speak about politics.

This time, there was also a suited speech-maker on the edge of the sidewalk. He stood on the small platform and a microphone was in his hand. He spoke strongly and what he said echoed through a loudspeaker. However, I didn't remember what he spoke on because I was not interested in his speech.

Yet it was not only me who was not interested. Most of the pedestrians didn't have ears on him. The mother in this photo seemed not to be interested in the same fashion. She stood beside her baby buggy and watched her smartphone with her back to the speech-maker.


Where is Shinjuku?




Shooting Date

Apr 2019

Posted On

October 6, 2019


Shinjuku, Tokyo


Street Photography



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