Hut Under The Bridge

Woman cleaning up around hut under pedestrian bridge
Shot in the city of Shinjuku, Tokyo tetsuOzawa

A woman cleaned up around the hut under the pedestrian bridge

Walked the sidewalk in front of South exit of the Shinjuku Station. Like other exits of this station, the sidewalk was crowded. The place had been under construction for a long time. I thought it was started already when I began to understand things. Yet it was finished finally in this several years. As a consequence, the sidewalk was widened. And a small hut selling government-run lottery stood on the edge of the sidewalk before I knew.

At the time of being, the flow of the pedestrians thinned out for a change. And a woman cleaned up around the hut.

There is a downturn in the economy in Japan. With worsening economic conditions, the sales of the lottery are also decreased. It is said the lottery is a kind of tax for poverty people. Nevertheless, they might be on the verge of becoming impossible to buy the lottery.

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Shooting Date

Apr 2019

Posted On

October 6, 2019


Shinjuku, Tokyo


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