Helmet Or Hijab?

Street with many signboards
Shot in Cirebon, Indonesia Tetsu Ozawa

I wonder if it's a helmet over a hijab

There were a number of large signboards on the side streets of Jalan Siliwangi in Cirebon. Some of them were for American companies, others for Taiwanese manufacturers. I wondered if there were any signboards for Japanese manufacturers, and when I looked for them, I saw a signboard written CANON in the distance.

As I was vaguely looking at a side street with signboards, a scooter crossed in front of me. It was a scooter with two women and a young child on it. The woman at the wheel was wearing a helmet, while the woman riding behind her was not. Instead, she was wearing a hijab.

Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country in the world. Most of the women on the street cover their hair. The woman on the back of the scooter in this photo does the same. But the woman at the wheel seemed to be wearing only a helmet and not a hijab. Only her hair was peeking out from under her helmet.

It would be dangerous not to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. Helmets are compulsory in many countries. But what about Muslim women? Do they wear a helmet on top of their hijab? Indeed, the female police officer I saw in Malacca, Malaysia was wearing a helmet on top of her hijab. On the other hand, in India, Sikhs who cover their hair for religious reasons, like Muslims, are exempted from the obligation to wear helmets when riding motorcycles. I wonder how it is here in Indonesia.


Where is Cirebon?




Shooting Date

Jan 2020

Posted On

January 13, 2021


Cirebon, Indonesia


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