Eating Place At The Back Of The Lane

Eating place at the back of an alleyway
Shot at Sawah Besar district in Jakarta, Indonesia Tetsu Ozawa

I came to an eating place when I was going deeper and deeper into an alleyway

I was going deeper and deeper into the alleyway of Jakarta's Sawah Besar district. The seemingly endless alleyway had come to an end. It ended at the entrance of a shopping mall building. It was an unexpected ending. There was no sign at the entrance of the alleyway or anywhere else that said there was a shopping mall ahead. It was as if they were asking people not to come if people didn't know it existed. At first glance, it looked as if the shopping mall was refusing to come.

As expected, the shopping mall was deserted, as there was no advertisement or signboard anywhere. I couldn't tell whether the light was on or off inside. To begin with, there were many shops that were not open.

After a little look at the mall, I came to aneating place open in front of the mall. This one wasn't exactly busy either, but there were a few people sitting at a table and eating their meals. Both men and women could be seen. The woman in the kitchen in the back covered her hair, but the women in the eating place had her hair exposed. In Indonesia, where Jakarta is located, Muslims are the majority. Even the mannequins placed in clothing stores have hijabs to cover their hair. It's rare to see women with their hair exposed here.


Religion in Indonesia

Indonesian law requires its citizens to have a KTP that identifies them with one of the six religions, but they are able to leave that section blank. Indonesia does not recognise agnosticism or atheism, and blasphemy is illegal. In the 2010 Indonesian census, 87.18% of Indonesians identified themselves as Muslim (with Sunnis about 99%, Shias about 1% and Ahmadis 0.2%), 7% Protestant Christian, 2.91% Catholic Christian, 1.69% Hindu, 0.72% Buddhist, 0.05% Confucianist, 0.13% other, and 0.38% unstated or not asked.

Where is Sawah Besar district in Jakarta?




Shooting Date

Jan 2020

Posted On

July 26, 2020


Jakarta, Indonesia


Street Photography