Two Cats Lying In The Same Box

Two cats relaxing in cardboard box
Shot at Chinatown in Bangkok, Thailand tetsuOzawa

Two cats were lazy and relax in the same cardboard box in the lane

After eating Khao Man Kai, I started to wander the lane in Chinatown of Bangkok again. It was messy and garbage was put on the edge of the lane. And a cardboard box was also put there. Looking closer, two small animals were in the box. They were cats. Two cats were lazy and relax there.

Approaching them, one of the cats rose its head and started to look at me. On the other hand, another cat kept relaxing. The cat which looked at me seemed to survey the situation. Because these cats didn't wear a collar, they might be stray cats. So it was leery of human beings.

When I see any stray dogs in abroad, I always keep an eye out not to bites. I am afraid of rabies. Yet I don't feel the same thing when I see cats. This is one of the perks of cats.


Where is Chinatown in Bangkok?




Shooting Date

Sep 2019

Posted On

January 14, 2020


Bangkok, Thailand


Animal Photography



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