Baby And Its Mother On The Sidewalk

Baby and its mother on the sidewalk
Shot at Chinatown in Bangkok, Thailand tetsuOzawa

The baby was in the box beside the stall which its mother worked

The sidewalk of Rama IV road was messy. Many people walked and many street vendors did business on it. It looked like a street market. I was walking while watching the articles for sale in the stalls. Although the area was in the Chinatown, the goods sold on the street was not what related to China. Fruits, snacks, and others were sold there. And they were similar to what was sold in the other parts of Bangkok.

When I came to a stall, I found a corrugated-paper box put beside the stall. And a baby was sitting inside. It seemed to be shy around strangers. Even though I approached, it didn't look at me and asked for help from its mother. However, she didn't help her baby. What its mother did was to point at my camera and to encourage to look at my gear. The baby seemed confused a little.

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Shooting Date

Sep 2019

Posted On

January 19, 2020


Bangkok, Thailand


Street Photography