Motorcycle With A Large Box Attached To The Rear

Motorcycle with a large box attached to the rear
Shot in Jakarta, Indonesia Tetsu Ozawa

The man had his hand in a box attached to the back of the motorbike

In Japan, there is a service called "motorbike messenger", which is expensive but much faster than the postal service. I have also used this service when I send urgent documents which I want to deliver on the same day. I guess such needs may exist in Jakarta, Indonesia. On the sidewalk of a big street in Jakarta, there was a motorcycle with a big box on the back. It looked like a motorbike for the messenger service.

It looked like it was just carrying a delivery, the lid of the box was open and a man had his hands in it. It was a very large box. As I stared at it, I got the feeling that the box was so big that this motorbike was not a messenger.

The advantage of the motorbike messenger service is that it carries packages peer-to-peer without going through a pickup and delivery station, but it also has the advantage of carrying packages quickly without getting stuck in traffic on congested roads. With this in mind, the box attached to the back of the motorbike seemed to be too big for me.

With such a big box, one child could fit into it at least once, I wondered if it was possible to move quickly between cars in Jakarta, which is notorious for terrible traffic jams. I think it is impossible to get through without hitting a car here and there, isn't it? However, it was my own imagination that I thought the motrbike was a messenger. Maybe the driver would really like to deliver by truck, but trucks are expensive, so it may just be a modified motorcycle.


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Shooting Date

Jan 2020

Posted On

October 21, 2020


Jakarta, Indonesia


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