A young boy was running hard in the path of Sotobori Park

Boy running in Sotobori Park

Shot at Sotobori Park in Ichigaya, Tokyo

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I was walking through Sotobori Park from Ichigaya to Yotsuya. As the name suggests, this used to be the outer moat (Sotobori) of Edo Castle. The former causeway of the outer moat has been developed into a park where you can stroll around. On the inside of the causeway, there are schools and universities, so there is no view, but on the outside, you can see the train tracks and the outer moat below, and the buildings are far away. It was a pleasant feeling of openness.

Although there is a sense of openness, it is only on the banks that you can walk around. Therefore, even if you were to take a stroll, it would be like walking along a straight path, and there were few options for the walkers. There are only two options: to keep going forward, or to go back the way you came. When the cherry blossom season comes and the area is crowded with people, there will surely be a queue. From above, it would look like a line of ants.

After walking along the bank for a while, I saw a little boy running from the other side. The boy, who was heading in the opposite direction from me, passed by me in a flash without even giving me a glance.

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Shooting Date

Mar 2021

Posted On

October 1, 2021

Modified On

November 10, 2021


Ichigaya, Tokyo


Street Photography



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