Two Men Crossing Street

Two men crossing street while looking to left side
Shot in the city of Marunouchi, Tokyo tetsuOzawa

Two men crossed the street while looking to the left side

The street in Marunouchi was deserted early in the morning. Not so many people started moving yet. Although the place was busy in the daytime, it was silent at that time.

Some people waited at a stoplight. When I watched them, I remembered what a foreign football manager said. He said, 'Japanese people were too faithful. They don't cross the deserted street even if there were no cars.' It was the same situation. No car was seen on the street. However, the pedestrians waited until the traffic light became green.

To follow a rule without thinking with their own head is an easy way. And I think the religion is functioned under the same theory. Now that I think about it, Japanese people have an affinity for religions. However, many Japanese people have allergies to religions as a matter of fact. There is a mismatch somehow.

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Shooting Date

Apr 2019

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October 2, 2019


Marunouchi, Tokyo


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