Ta Prohm Temple Beneath A Root

Ta Prohm in Angkor
Shot at Ta Prohm, one of the temples in Angkor, Cambodia tetsuOzawa

The stone Ta Prohm temple was about to be crushed by a banyan tree

The stone structure in this photo is Ta Prohm, one of the Angkor ruins. There are Hindu and Buddhist temples in Angkor, but Ta Prohm was originally built as a Buddhist temple and then converted to a Hindu temple.

The building is on the verge of being crushed by the banyan tree. Other ruins have been steadily restored in recent years, but this one is supposed to be preserved as it is. One of the ways to preserve the structures that are being destroyed by the overwhelming force of nature is to leave them as they are.

When I entered the grounds of the temple, I felt the impermanence of the world when I saw the temple which was about to be crushed by the banyan tree. I felt that it was appropriate for a Buddhist temple to be swallowed up by nature sooner or later, as it is a temple whose shape and essence are in constant flux and change.


Where is Ta Prohm in Angkor?




Shooting Date

Aug 2000

Posted On

August 17, 2005


Angkor, Cambodia


Architectural Photography



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