Jump Into Srah Srang

Boy jumping into Srah Srang
Shot at Srah Srang, a reservoir in Angkor, Cambodia Tetsu Ozawa

The boy was just flying out to Srah Srang

There is a reservoir called Srah Srang in the ruins of Angkor. The reservoir, which was built with the best technology of the Angkor dynasty, is now a playground for local children. The reservoir is so vast that it is hard to believe that it is an artificial lake that was built 800 years ago. I wondered if the children playing around here knew about it. Probably not. I think they just think it's just a big pool.

In any case, it was nice to jump into the water and play on a hot day. I set up my camera just as a top-naked boy was about to jump into Srah Srang. He was not the only child. Many children jumped in and played. The children who had jumped into the water quickly got out and jumped back in. They never got tired of it and kept jumping into the water again and again.


Where is Srah Srang?




Shooting Date

Aug 2000

Posted On

February 15, 2006


Angkor, Cambodia


Candid Photography



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