Silhouette Of A Finger And A Baby Buggy

Silhouette of finger
Shot at Todoroki Valley in Todoroki, Tokyo Tetsu Ozawa

I saw a silhouette with their fingers stretched out among people walking in the Todoroki Valley

A three-minute walk from the Tokyu Oimachi Line's Todoroki Station takes you to the Todoroki Valley, the only natural valley in Tokyo. As you descend the stairs, you'll find yourself in a different world from the station's surroundings. A mountain stream called Tanizawa River runs through the valley, and the walkway along the river is shaded by trees. The serenity of the place makes you forget that you are in the city. It is the best place for a leisurely stroll.

Many families have come to Todoroki Valley. Some of them were pushing baby buggies and one of them was resting along the path. The silhouette of a woman was approaching the families. The silhouette, with her fingers clearly outstretched, seemed to be somewhat disconcerting.


Where is Todoroki Valley?




Shooting Date

May 2015

Posted On

June 25, 2015


Todoroki, Tokyo


Street Photography



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