Figure Walking Through Central Embassy.

Figure in a shopping mall
Shot at Central Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand Tetsu Ozawa

The figure was walking in the deserted shopping mall called Central Embassy

There are many luxury shopping malls in the center of Bangkok, literally lined up along the main road where the MRT runs. Some of them have stores of famous brands that even I, a brand-averse person, know about. Bangkok, the center of the ASEAN economy, is growing every day.

This feeling of economic development in Thailand and the lack of vitality in Japan at the same time is a painful sight. It may not be obvious to those who stay in Japan, but Asian countries are developing at a furious pace, and the gap with Japan is getting smaller and smaller. In fact, China has already overtaken Japan. Looking at Thailand's development, I feel that it is only a matter of time before Thailand catches up with Japan. Well, maybe I'm just pessimistic.

The Central Embassy, an upscale shopping mall along Phloen Chit Road, had a peaceful atmosphere to it. Walking through the mall, I was not accosted by any suspicious touts as I had been on the streets. Suddenly, I looked down to the floor below and saw a figure walking leisurely.


Where is Central Embassy in Bangkok?




Shooting Date

Sep 2019

Posted On

December 27, 2019


Bangkok, Thailand


Street Photography