Escalator And Man Wearing A Coat

Man with a coat stopping beside escalator
Shot at Odakyu Southern Tower in Shinjuku, Tokyo Tetsu Ozawa

A man wearing a coat stopped beside the escalator

The entrance hall of the building was silent. Although the building stands just beside the Shinjuku Station, it strays from the lead tracks a little. There are some restaurants and a hotel in this building. However, not so many people came into. Even the sun came through the glassed wall in a contained way. The deserted escalators felt demotivated and stopped moving.

Stopped on the passage on the second floor, I watched the silent entrance hall. In the meantime, a man wearing a coat appeared in the hall. It was so silent that I could hear his sound of footsteps from the second floor. He stopped in front of the directory. And he started to look at it carefully as if he checked the location of the target.


Where is Odakyu Southern Tower?




Shooting Date

Apr 2019

Posted On

October 8, 2019


Shinjuku, Tokyo


Street Photography



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