Escalator In The Darkness

Escalator in the darkness
Shot in the city of Siodome, Tokyo Tetsu Ozawa

The escalator was working silently in the darkness

Once there was a train station in the Siodome area. The first Japanese train left the station for Yokohama. However, there isn't a trace of the station. There are some modern skyscrapers on the site now.

On that day, I had something to do in one of the skyscrapers. Getting off the subway, I walked an underground passage. Although many people work in the skyscrapers, a few pedestrians walked the passage because it was early in the morning.

The entrance to a skyscraper was still closed at that time. The light was turned off and the darkness wrapped the place. Only the directory and the escalator were lighted in the darkness.

The escalator stretched to the part above ground. It was rimmed with the light. And I felt as if it was the evacuation route from a dark underworld when I watched it.


Where is Siodome?




Shooting Date

Nov 2019

Posted On

April 21, 2020


Siodome, Tokyo


Street Photography



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