Signboard, Stairs And Blue Sky

Signboard, stairs and blue sky
Shot in Musashi-koyama, Tokyo ©Tetsu Ozawa
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I could see a bit of blue sky at the end of the old stairs

I looked up at the top of the stairs and saw a blue sky. This was an old-fashioned supermarket. It's not the kind of supermarket that everyone has heard of, run by a large corporation, and unless you're familiar with the area, you don't really know where it is. If you have a subscription to a newspaper, you may be able to find some inserts in the paper, but without a subscription, I can't even hear the faint voice of the newspaper. It was by chance that I found this supermarket.

The supermarket was located in the middle of a shopping street a bit far from the Musashi-koyama station, and it was hidden in the back of an old three-story building. There was no signboard at the entrance, and if I hadn't stepped into the back of the passage out of a little curiosity, I would have never noticed that there was a supermarket here, even though I live very close by.

As a supermarket, the first floor is lined with fruit and vegetable stores, grocery stores, and fish shops. However, I had never set foot on the second and third floors of the three-story building. The upper floors seem to be residential, and when I walked around the supermarket, it was difficult to find stairs leading to the upper floors. When I looked up from the bottom of the stairs which I found, I saw an old signboard with a blue sky peeking out, but there was no sign of a store.


Where is Musashi-koyama?




Shooting Date

Feb 2021

Posted On

August 12, 2021

Modified On

August 13, 2021


Musashi-koyama, Tokyo


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