There are also tables on the terrace of the new wing of the museum, where you can sit and rest

People relaxing on the terrace of the Teien Art Museum
Terrace at Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum
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Following the route through the former Asakamiya residence, which was built almost 100 years ago, you can go up from the first floor to the second floor, and then back to the first floor again, passing through the automatic door at the end of the corridor to the passage that leads to the new wing. In contrast to the old western-style main building, the new wing at the back of the main building is a modern building built in 2009. There is also a cafe and tables on the terrace.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum not only has exhibition space in the former Asakamiya residence built in the Art Deco style, but also in the newly built new wing. This makes the museum a great value, as you can feel as if you are visiting two different museums with different atmospheres within one museum.

The main building was actually the residence of the royal family. The works are displayed in such a space as if they were in pre-modern Europe. The works are displayed on the walls and on the floor in the same way as the interior decorations and many other furnishings. With modern art, it is easy to distinguish between the furnishings and the works, but with Art Deco art, it must be difficult to distinguish between the furnishings and the works.

In contrast to the main building, the new wing is a white cube. The walls are plain and the interior decoration is eliminated as much as possible. There are no furnishings in the room, only artworks on display. In this room, there is no need to worry about which is the work and which is the furniture. Even if you find an old wallet on the floor, it is an installation. Be careful.

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June 26, 2021

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Shirokanedai, Tokyo


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