Silhouette In Central Hall

Central hall in Minato City Local History Museum
Shot at Minato City Local History Museum in Shirokanedai, Tokyo Tetsu Ozawa

The silhouetted woman climbed up the staircase in the central hall

Entered the History Museum. This museum displayed the local people's life around here from the Jōmon period, which is traditionally dated between 14,000–1,000 BCE, to modern times. The descriptions are seen beside every exhibit in the museum. And the file footages are also arranged in spots. They entertained me. Although the museum is not so large, it takes a long time if you want to read every description.

However, the most impressive thing was its architecture. The architecture built about 80 years ago is massive. The design of the Second Floor Central Hall is nice. When I set foot in the stone-built hall, I felt as if I came to a western-style mansion. Stopping in the center of the hall, I watched the interior for a while. In the meantime, a woman also came to the hall. She passed by me and started to climb the symmetrical stone staircases.


Where is Minato City Local History Museum?




Shooting Date

Mar 2019

Posted On

September 25, 2019


Shirokanedai, Tokyo


Street Photography



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