Man Slumping Near The Pier

Man putting his head down while grabbing the steering wheel of his motorbike
Shot near Mahachai Pier in Mahachai, Thailand tetsuOzawa

The man put his head down while grabbing the steering wheel of his motorbike near Mahachai pier

The train from Mae Klong didn't go to the city of Bangkok. It ran to only the halfway point, Ban Laem. So I got the train off at Ban Laem station, crossed the river by a passenger ferry, and walked to Mahachai station which the train left for Bangkok from Mahachai pier.

There was a square in front of Mahachai pier which I reached by the passenger ferry. The passenger ferry was crowded with local people. And many people used the pier. So some food stalls did business in the square.

The man was one of them. Yet he didn't work when I came here. He stopped his motorbike to which a steam cooker attached by the wayside. And he sat beside it. Although I didn't know the reason, he was put his head down. And he grabbed the steering wheel of his motorbike.

Seemingly, he was ready to leave this place any time.


Where is Mahachai Pier?




Shooting Date

Sep 2019

Posted On

March 24, 2020


Mahachai, Thailand


Street Photography



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